Insider's Guide | Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro


As with all cities, street food in Rio offers a great way to experience the culture,  From the vibrant street corner juice bars, to the beach side cafes, there is a veritable feast of flavours to get a taste of Brazil.  The Rio de Janeiro restaurant scene is also growing, with some talented chefs taking over interesting venues.  Here are some of our personal favourites.


Carioca (a person from Rio) Chef, Rafael Costa e Silva worked for five years at the famed Mugaritz Restaurant in Spain.  He opened Lasai in 2014 and within a year had been listed within the top fifty restaurants in Latin America by Restaurant Magazine.  The stunning dining room offers a choice of two Tasting Menus, which combine originality with expert technique.  Vegetables coming from the kitchen’s garden create masterpieces including Chard Leaf Tempura with Oyster Sauce, Wild Pig with Purple and Yellow Baby Carrots and Beetroot Cake, with Meringues.  The dish called Breakfast, has become a classic and combines dried meats, eggs, and a sauce of yam cream and coconut milk.

Iraja Gastro

With the recent award of Best Sommelier in 2015 for Julieta Carrizo, guests are in for a real treat of some of the best wines and cuisine in the city.  Dishes centre around seafood, with the squid garnished with mash potatoes and aioli and spaghetti with a mushroom and cashew nut sauce, showcasing the simplicity in the Chef’s approach.  Artagao ensures the desserts are masterpieces, with dishes such as the pumpkin puree with peanut and seed brittle and a corriander sauce.  But the chocolate cake is the real show stopper and impossible to resist.


“Boxx, the newest diversified space in Botafogo”

The charming neighborhood of Botafogo, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, also known for its bohemian versatility combined with the residences that occupy it, inaugurated in January 2020, a new diversified development, which brought together gastronomy, fashion, culture and kids area, everything in one environment that promises to be quite pleasant. The space, entitled “Boxx”, promises to represent a new experience of coexistence in the region. It is located on Rua São João Batista, almost on the corner of Voluntários da Pátria.

With 6 gastronomic operations on the 2nd floor, the space has the following options: a meat boutique with Jimmy Ogro's signature; the HOB burger shop; the Brazilian Manda, by Bianca Barbosa, daughter of chef Kátia Barbosa, from Aconchego Carioca; a Portuguese from the same group as Tasca Filho d’Mãe, Amelie Creperi; and the Desatino bar, Heineken's 1st Taylor Made project in Rio de Janeiro, following its international point of sale concept. The place can still be used for workshops and cultural presentations, with a focus on music.

Org Bistro

The .Org is much more than a restaurant. It's a philosophy of life! They seek to bring quality of life and show new paths. They go far beyond serving a dish. They only work with wholegrain, local, seasonal, fresh, organic and unprocessed ingredients. They do not use industrialized products or products with chemical additives. Everything is homemade with a lot of love and care in the smallest details.


Oteque is the “carioca” project from chef Alberto Landgraf.

Focusing on high quality ingredients with an elegant yet casual service, Alberto and his team take inspiration from nature’s purity, aiming to express joy, beauty and comfort throughout their work..

Corrientes 348

On the menu, classic recipes with a contemporary touch, prepared with the best raw materials and a selection of prime meats, all first-rate and from the most prestigious regions and producers. Originating from the best British breeds and coming from renowned farms, all meats undergo a rigorous monitoring and selection process. The result is porteño-style cuts: tall, soft and juicy.

The same selection found on the chain's excellent wine list, consisting of reds and whites from the Old and New World. An unforgettable moment enjoyed in a pleasant environment formed by spacious rooms decorated in a clean way and with natural elements, such as wood, vegetation and natural light. Ingredients that masterfully close the gastronomic experience at Corrientes 348.

Bistor do Ouvidor

A French bistro restaurant that serves specialties like escargot & foie gras terrine in an intimate setting. At the headquarters in Centro or at the pleasant branch in Botafogo, the “plat du jour” suggestions are the best choice. Pasta, salads and grilled options with side dishes complete the menu's possibilities. Argentinians, Chileans, Italians and French wines complete the program all together.


Botafogo, or “BotaSoho” for intimates, was the neighborhood chosen to host the Be+Co gastronomic collective, which in a short time became a success. With the concept of a food hub, new concept in Rio, the space houses a village of food and beverage containers in a casual, democratic, aggregating and accessible environment. Be+Co is a place to experience… Discreet lighting, self-service (no waiters, no service charge), tables to share, counters, bleachers, benches and chairs available make the place uncluttered and favor interaction between people. Full of flavours, colors, smells, textures, stories, proses, Be+Co is a space for exchanges.