sustainability and development that do not deplete resources for the future

How do you do this at a hotel? Here at Yoo2 Rio, we are on the way!


Understanding the need for change towards greater female representation, we promote training and lectures on female empowerment.

Cage Free

We are committed to not buying eggs from caged chickens but from producers that respect animal welfare.


Our partnership with Nespresso means that all capsules used in the hotel can be 100% recycled.


Promoting urban mobility with aim of providing clean energy. We offer our guests and customers the ability to charge electric vehicles.

Plastic Free

We are going plastic-free! To reduce our own environmental impact, we are replacing all single-use plastics with sustainable alternatives. 



Leave items that no longer fit into your luggage and no longer make sense in your daily life in your room on departure. We will donate them to charity on your behalf.

Water Fountains

We seek sustainable options to reduce our consumption and provide water stations to allow guests to fill their own water bottles.

Food to Save

In the fight against food waste, we pass on all surplus from the restaurant to the Food to Save project.

Tips to travel sustainably

- Check-in prior to arrival on our Orange App. It's quick and easy and that way we don't generate unnecessary printouts.

- At yoo2 we provide filtered water to ensure you remain hydrated at all times. Bring a reusable bottle for use during your stay and avoid the unnecessary use of plastic cups and bottles.

-When leaving your room, remove the energy-saver key.

- During your stay, avoid using food delivery services that use a lot of disposable packaging. Take advantage and discover the variety of food offering available at the hotel.

- Leave items in the room that you no longer need in your luggage or day-to-day life. We donate for yoo.