Our Local

Botafogo, or "BotaSoho" to locals, is one of Rio's most exciting neighborhoods. It has it all; local artisans, boutique shopping, trendy bars and sublime dining experiences that come together to make Botafogo the most connected district. Here are some of our local favorites.



A gastronomic collective, the space houses a village of food and beverage containers in a casual, democratic, aggregating and accessible environment. Be+Co is a place to experience… Discreet lighting, self-service (no waiters, no service charge), tables to share, counters, bleachers, benches and chairs available make the place uncluttered and favor interaction between people. Full of flavours, colors, smells, textures, stories, proses, Be+Co is a space for exchanges.




A local brand, which showcases fashion in colourful prints, with affordable prices and not totally following a trend. Every week, the stores receive a mix of new products, with diverse and exclusive models, with limited editions. The pieces have a modern, youthful style and use graphic prints and a lot of color and are inspired by visual arts, design, cinema, music and comics. If you are looking of unique accessories, dresses and shoes this is shop for you.



Eat + Drink

Come for drinks and stay for dinner. Quartinho (Little Room) is right at home in a stylishly refurbished old building. A great spot for hanging out and sampling the inventive cocktail list. It's not just the drinks that are great - they serve tasty food to keep you going while working your way through the cocktail list.




One of the best bookstores in the city, with a wide variety of national and international titles.  There is also an informal restaurant to relax in and enjoy your purchases.



Eat + Drink

With 6 gastronomic operations on the 2nd floor, the space has the following options: a meat boutique with Jimmy Ogro's signature; the HOB burger shop; the Brazilian Manda, by Bianca Barbosa, daughter of chef Kátia Barbosa, from Aconchego Carioca; a Portuguese from the same group as Tasca Filho d’Mãe, Amelie Creperi, and the Desatino bar. Regular music-focused workshops and cultural presentations take place.




.Org is much more than a restaurant. It's a philosophy of life! They seek to bring quality of life and show new paths. They go far beyond serving a dish. They only work with wholegrain, local, seasonal, fresh, organic and unprocessed ingredients. They do not use industrialized products or products with chemical additives. Everything is homemade with a lot of love and care in the smallest details.